Are surveillance camera’s the future of Real Estate?

D-Link DCS-930L Cloud Camera: Home-surveillance certainly has a place, OPEN INSPECTIONS!!! Did I just say that?

ScanMe Realty to the rescue! This is why we are the pioneers of Real Estate transparency my friends. The ‘honest’ agent surely won’t have an issue with this, after all, they did say they were ‘the best in the business with all their sales records;’ –  or is the camera suggesting otherwise? People, this is the way of the future, your truth detector!

Make sure you visit your local hardware store to grab signage for your home’s access points, ‘warning this home is under 24hr surveillance.’ If an agent tells you it will scare buyers off, rest assured, it’s just their lame attempt to carry on with their dodgy ways! The good one’s won’t have an issue! Don’t trust me, TRUST THE CAMERA and the buyers fed up of being gazumped!

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Today Tonight: Undercover Agent

Well, what a co-incidence! Or shall I say common occurance? It was only this morning I posted the article “What is bait pricing? DANGEROUS!”. This evening, Today Tonight covered a story called “Undercover Agent,” in which spoke of under quoting properties. Please click on the image below to read the full story and/or watch the video.


Take care and stay safe my friends!

Angelo Lambropoulos

What is ‘bait’ pricing? DANGEROUS!


By Angelo Lambropoulos

Bait pricing refers to an advertising strategy used to attract customers by making them think that they will have to pay less for something that costs more.

There are some cases in which the practice of bait pricing can bring about lawsuits. Depending on laws established in specific territories, it may be possible to sue businesses for false advertising, especially if the business is shown to be completely unable to provide the promised product or service.

Having defined the term ‘bait pricing’, I think there is something you should be made well aware of in Real Estate practice so you know your rights as a consumer, both Sellers and Buyers!

Please read the following as this is straight from the Real Estate Institute of NSW Licensing Manual:

“The marketing of properties for sale or lease with reference to a range of prices carries with it a substantial risk that there will be misleading or deceptive conduct. That is particularly the case when the range of prices includes amounts that are below those that the landlord or vendor is reasonably likely to consider accepting.

Price ranging is not recommended as a form of marketing as the buyer or tenant will look at the bottom of the range and the seller or landlord will be focused on the top of the range. It is inevitable that a buyer or lessee will start the negotiations below the bottom of the range and make the agent’s job very difficult when it comes to negotiation the final sale price. 

The law stipulates that the agent can only advertise a price range for a property if the owner is prepared to accept either end of the range.’ 

Real estate agents must be aware that:

* Advertising or quoting a property at a price significantly less than the agent’s estimated sale or lease price, the reasonable market appraisal or the prices that the seller or landlord has indicated he or she is likely to accept constitutes misleading or deceptive conduct. 

* Over-quoting by a real estate agent of the estimated market price of a property in order to obtain a listing from the seller or landlord amounts to misleading or deceptive conduct.”

My company, ScanMe Realty Pty Ltd has two very useful tools to help expose unethical business practice to ensure both home-sellers obtain ‘the true price’ for their home, and that home buyers ‘aren’t fed lies about a properties price point.’ I have evolved these tools to promote ‘complete transparency’ throughout the course of the negotiations, giving you black & white evidence to present to the ACCC or NSW Dept of Fair Trading if you feel you have been misled.

Please click on the below icon to assist with your current situation:

internet house sell



By Angelo Lambropoulosphoto_modified

Have you ever considered ‘posing’ as a buyer before you commit to signing with your agent of choice? It may be worth investing a moment of your time. Ask a friend or family member that you dearly trust to pick up the phone and enquire as a buyer and also attend a few open homes. See how they are treated as buyers, as this is how your buyers will be treated too. The key here is a 3 hour response (return phone call), the agent should also demonstrate the ability to ask ‘probing questions’ to identify the right and wrong buyers, and should NEVER jeopardise your final sale price!

Sellers – Does it sound to good to be true?

By Angelo Lambropouloshintsandtips

Next time an agent tells you ‘exactly what you want to hear,’ it can only signify one of two things.

1. They are honest and genuinely want to help you, OR

2. They are lying to get your business.

Rest assured, it is extremely easy to tell the two apart. All you have to do is say, “wow, that sounds great, would you mind putting pen to paper on that for me?” Should they say YES, you have a winner, should they word around such an easy request, you can then return the favour by stating – ‘you would rather not put pen to paper with them either’. That’s a fair compromise wouldn’t you say?

Buyers: A helpful hint!

By Angelo Lambropouloshintsandtips

You may or may not know that you can subscribe for regular e-mail alerts via Domain or (Australia’s two largest advertising networks).Further to this, you’ll often find that a vast majority of homes have no price point, however, there’s a way around this.

On the back end of these sites the agent must submit a dollar figure as to what they estimate the home is worth.This means; if you put $800,000 – $900,000 as your indexed price range and you stumble across a “JUST NO IDEA,” oops I meant”JUST LISTED”, you will therefore have a rough idea on where the property sits.

I would highly recommend signing up for e-mail alerts, otherwise you will continually find yourself frustrated and burnt out trying to put a price on a home that the ‘so called’ professionals are incapable of.

I’m confident a governing authority will soon step in to help rectify this common problem… The beauty of the computer age is it’s ability to continually help evolve transparent solutions. Hang in there people, it’s only a matter of time!

FREE Valuation Reports!


Banner-Valuation-Report“If you reside in NSW – we would be delighted to offer you UNLIMITED FREE RPdata Reports so you never lose sight of how much your property is worth; you don’t even have to pick up your phone – Better still, agents don’t even need to enter your home!”

The Five MUST DO’s, should you decide to sell without an agent.

By Angelo Lambropoulospreparation

1. Find out the true value of your home in today’s market.

2. Allow yourself adequate time to spend with potential buyers.

3. Confidently take charge of sales and marketing duties.

4. Prepare yourself for any criticism that may come about from buyers, either trying to bargain you down, or are simply straight to the point. Stay composed at all times.

5. Make sure you are comfortable screening potential buyers. Negotiation = knowledge; your house, you know the truth!  – You must make sure you separate yourself from the emotional attachment of the home, failure to do so will most certainly jeopardise the sale and make criticism that little bit harder to take. Be firm, be honest!