Dural, definitely a Buyers market – Sellers, I believe you should hold.

image012By Angelo Lambropoulos

Let’s take a look at the Hills Shire Plan shall we?

Local roads will receive attention – with new or restorative work. Traffic lights are planned for the Glenhaven Rd/Old Northern Rd. intersection towards the end of the four year delivery program.

In the first year, we have seen upgrades to the following roads: Annangrove Rd Annagrove, Kyle Ave Glenhaven, Old Castle Hill Rd Castle Hill, Boundary Rd Maraylya, Kenthurst Rd Dural, Parsonage Rd Dural.

More than $3 million will be spent on replacing ageing timber bridges on Pitt Town Rd. and Mud Island Rd.

Just some of the community buildings receiving attention in the first year include: Forgotten Valley Preschool Wisemans Ferry and Wisemans Ferry Park.

Research will also be carried out investigating ways to balance population growth and maintain quality of life. Including – Opportunities to improve amenity in Dural and Round Corner.


Perhaps we should also consider the unlikely placement of ‘Woolworths’ in the low populated suburb of Glenorie, a suburb in which most would class as ‘out in the sticks’, does Woolworths know something we don’t? There is also the probable rumor of Caltex/Woolworths service station taking the former position of the old Ampol station on the corner of Whites Rd and Old Northern Rd Glenorie.

Personally, I believe there are big plans for a stronger Dural catchment in the future, it’s just yet to publicly surface. However, the writing is on the wall. Do you need to sell, or can you wait to sell? I think home-buyers are shopping themselves a bargain. What do you think?

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Can you sell your own home? YES YOU CAN!

By Angelo LambropoulosSelling-Own-Home-0912

We live in a world where technological advancements are rapidly changing, however the real estate industry seems to be a bit behind on the process. I put it down to laziness and complacency, perhaps even lack of innovation and creativity, surely it has nothing to do with self-fulfillment? No matter what anyone says, the answer is plain and simple… YES YOU CAN SELL YOUR OWN HOME.

How do you find the right agent? Here’s the simple answer!

By Angelo Lambropoulos making-money

Let’s use a property that was listed at $600,000 and was sold at either of the following examples.

1. Agent A ‘promised’ to achieve no less than $585,000 at a 2.5% fee.

2. Agent B ‘promised’ to also achieve $585,000 at a 1% fee.

The outcome…

Agent A managed to sell the property for $594,000, which means there was a dollar value of $14,850 payable for their services. Leaving you with $579,150.

Agent B sold the property for $580,000, which means there was a dollar value of $5,800 payable for their services, leaving you with $574,200.

CONCLUSION: Agent B has just lost you $4,950.

It’s wrong to assume that a ‘low fee’ agent is certain to achieve the best possible result for you. Make sure you compare apples with apples. At ScanMe Realty we have made the selection process easy for you.

We have taken it upon us to devise a ‘Guarantee to Vendor’ form which can be found on the main page of our blog, titled “SELLERS,” on top of the menu bar. This tool has been professionally designed to find the right agent that will ‘sign a written promise’ (NOT a verbal promise) of achieving the best possible result for the home-seller.

NOTE: ‘Guarantee to Vendor’ form can be used nationally; it’s to be used in conjunction with the ‘agency agreement’. Click on the above ‘green dollar image’ and go straight to ‘Guarantee to Vendor’ page.