Buyers Search For Swimming Pools

Working from home may have seen an increase in demand for home offices, but it’s swimming pools that home-buyers search for the most.

Analysis by Domain found “pool” was the most searched term on its listings in October across all capital cities.

According to the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia, 2021 has been the industry’s busiest year ever. Chief executive Linsday McGrath, says: “There’s never been a higher demand in the history of swimming pools and spas in Australia.”

McGrath says demand is 50% higher than last year and as a result it’s taking up to 12 months for owners to get their pools. Those not keen to wait have driven up demand and prices for existing properties with pools.

Eview Group selling agent Dena Kibblewhite says pools are a big drawcard. “They’re looking for lifestyle homes where they have resort-style living in case of another lockdown. It’s really future-proofing your family in the current environment.”