Prices Excel In School Zones

House prices have scored top marks in popular school catchments throughout Australia. The latest Domain School Zones Report shows that buyers continue to pay a premium to live in a catchment which allows their children to attend popular schools.

Domain senior research analyst Nicola Powell says the prices some families are prepared to pay to live in a catchment are “eye-watering”.

“There’s a variety of different price points but let’s be honest, it does not matter what price-point you’re purchasing at, you place a priority on education,” Powell says.

On average, house prices in primary school zones increased 37% across the capital cities in the past 12 months. The top increases for the top primary school zones in each city were Sydney 45%, Brisbane 42%, Melbourne 39%, Hobart 35%, Darwin 34% Canberra 34%, Perth 34% and Adelaide 33%.

The top increase for the top high school zones in each city were: Sydney 45%, Melbourne 33%, Brisbane 31%, Adelaide 22%, Canberra 23%, Perth 43%, Hobart 32% and Darwin 32%.