Decentralisation To Be More Prevalent

Decentralisation will become more prevalent for
future home buyers, according to industry experts.
The traditional town planning model – where CBDs
are filled with office towers, retail and high-density
apartments surrounded by urban sprawl – is losing
its appeal, says Propertyology head of research
Simon Pressley.

He says Australians are in the midst of re-evaluating
their priorities. More manageable mortgages, lowdensity
locations (that are less susceptible to future
lockdowns), regional lifestyle destinations and
working from home will become important to buyers.
Pressley predicts a new era of regionalisation is
likely to produce about twenty low-density towns
and cities that will benefit from significant internal

Social demographer Mark McCrindle says locations
with a low risk of future lockdowns with an industry
mix conducive to this new world will be the ones to
watch. This includes a good quality detached house
in a location that offers plentiful open space and a
manageable mortgage.