For those of you who watched the PM addressing ‘Stage 3’ of the stimulus package at 4:00PM yesterday would’ve been forgiven for thinking he was gearing up for a doomsday speech in its opening stages. Scott Morrison then started to change his tune when he said; “it was likely that whole countries would collapse in the coming months, this will not be Australia. We will get Australia through this with uniquely Australian solutions” – the first lot of words that I felt exuded encouraging signs throughout the duration of this pandemic from our Prime Minister, with the PM shortly after unveiling the $130 billion jobs package for workers.

Whether you love, hate or sit on the fence with your views of our PM, credit must be given to how he and our leaders have stood up to this challenge. Scott Morrison appears to have risen above‘ the challenge, as opposed to being caught ‘within’ the challenge, which appeared to be the case in the early stages (and fair enough I might add given the circumstances). What an excellent display of resilience and character, especially after all the criticism he coped over recent months – he’s handled extreme pressure well.

As a nation we have done a magnificent job containing the virus, currently sitting at 4,364 confirmed cases and only 18 deaths, with the curve now beginning to flat-line. NSW has now escalated the situation by taking extra precautions – introducing a penalty of up-to 6 months jail or $11,000 fine for those that fail to adhere to the guidelines, personally I think this is a necessary measure to stamp out complacency and quickly suppress the contagion.

As I draw to conclusion, I would like to lastly mention the industries that are thriving as a result of the Coronavirus, helping keep us buoyant as well as providing jobs for the unemployed. (I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank those of you working in the following industries, I know just how hard you are all working, going above and beyond for us all):

(i) Healthcare.
(ii) Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
(iii) Financial Advisory Firms.
(iv) Education
(v) Utilities
(vi) IT

I’m every bit confident that people will be itching to go out and spend more than ever after being confined at home. So, if you’re in the hospitality, tourism and/or any other industry that has been significantly impacted as a result of the Coronavirus, hang in there because you’re almost certainly going to RIDE THE BOOM once this is all over, exactly as the thriving industries I have just mentioned are experiencing now.

Don’t be surprised if this is all over well before the 6 month period we have been told to expect. I wish you the best of luck and every success on the other side of this – you deserve it!

Kind regards, Angelo Lambropoulos (Director, Lambros Realty)