The ‘Bright Red Apple’ of Real Estate!

By Angelo Lambropoulos Brain

Take an everyday object that you know exists, say a ‘Bright Red Apple’. You’d know the red apple exists because you’d have a visual sense of it. In this case it would be bright red and roundish in shape – (Sight). You’d also have a tactile sense of the apple if you picked it up, you’d get a sense of the weight, size, shape and texture of the apple through holding it – (Feel). There could be a sense of a sound associated with the apple, such as when a bite is taken out of it and you hear the “scrunch” (Sound). The apple would (Taste) a certain way and have it’s own particular “fruity” scent – (Smell).

It would therefore be fair to say that each of the five senses (Sight, Feel, Sound, Taste and Smell) would all result in you being 100% certain the red apple exists The same five senses all result in you being 100% certain everything in your life exists; including your own body.

Exactly what is the SUBSTANCE (the “stuff”) of the red apple? What is the SUBSTANCE of any object that exists? The entire basis on which you would say an apple exists, is by way of your five senses. In other words, your entire “evidence” that the red apple exists would be by way of sensations.

Now ask yourself this, what SUBSTANCE makes up the apple itself? What does the apple consist of, apart from your five senses?… 

… When you think of what an apple is, separate from the five sensations – what happens? The only answer that remains is; THERE ISN’T ANYTHING! Only those five sensations exist – Try this question on everything else in the world that exists, it’s mind blowing stuff.

Let’s now take this a step further; If you couldn’t see your body, you couldn’t feel your body (internally or externally),you couldn’t hear anything going on in your body or the noises your body makes, you couldn’t taste anything in your mouth and you couldn’t smell anything on your body (hair, skin and breath) – then how would you know you exist?

What evidence would you have? What evidence could you “take” into a court of law? You wouldn’t have any evidence right? YOU only exist because you sense that you exist. Take away all of those five senses and you no longer exist. The “apple” and your “body” as separate solid objects haven’t gone anywhere. They were never “out there” as separate solid objects in the first place.

Now, this is where I get to the point… 

… As weird or as mind bending as this may seem – the only conclusion we are left with (after the five senses are stripped away) is that nothing “out there” exists. The ONLY “thing” that exists “out there” is our mental sensations, everything else is purely an illusion. Simply said: NOTHING IS SEPARATE FROM OUR SENSATIONS. “Things” are our sensations.

If you are completely okay with what this message is pointing toward, you will find this is very GOOD NEWS. Think about it, if nothing exists outside of your sensations, that means all of your life is not happening to you; IT’S COMING FROM YOU. Therefore, you hold the power within you to totally transform every aspect of your life. Everything is possible for you because it’s already “inside” of you and being out-projected from you.

In relation to real estate, please sit back and really think about my following statement; “I believe ‘real estate buyers’ are more likely to pay top dollar for properties because their five senses tell them to, leading them to an ’emotional decision’. I’m yet to see evidence suggesting it’s an agent’s ‘negotiation skills’  generating ‘record sale prices.’ I’m also yet to see formal qualifications for the self-proclaimed title of ‘negotiation experts’ . I believe ego is distorting the cold hard truth – the agent should be thanking the house for making them look good. Don’t be fooled, it’s your house (the “object”) that really does all the hard work!… It’s YOUR house that has hit the ‘senses’ of the buyers; NOT the agent!” Think about how this example applies to everyday life and the choices you make and that others make for you… I think you’ll be ‘alarmingly’ suprised.

The lying agent will often resort to manipulating your emotional desires to have you chose them over their arch enemy – the honest agent, taking away from their lack of skill and knowledge in which the neocortex part of your brain has unconsciously succumbed to a lying agents illogical accusations, bypassing rationale all in the name of striking a so called honest and professional ’emotional’ relationship with you, an infamous lure for the unsuspecting home-seller… ‘the agents lack of respect for logic, so they can best help themselves at the consumers expense; your money, your emotions’.

We must understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whilst you may believe your property is perfect, there will be those who will share opposing views and beliefs. That is not to say that either person is right or wrong, it’s merely a matter of perceptions. So, if an agent is trying to tell you to lower your price to meet the market, tell them to zip it. There job is to focus on finding a buyer (who shares similar ‘senses’ as you – NOT the agent, NOT the market) that is willing to pay the highest amount possible to secure your property.

It doesn’t take a Harvard University Professor to understand that ‘real estate buyers’ cannot be generalised to suit everyone, it’s absurd to think of such, it’s a broad ‘assumption’ with absolutely no ‘facts’ to support such a claim. The fact of the matter is as follows; NO TWO BUYERS ARE THE SAME, THE RIGHT BUYER IS OUT THERE, THE AGENT JUST HAS NO IDEA HOW TO FIND THEM; having said that, I would strongly suggest you don’t accept a lower price to meet the ‘market’ (another generalised term). Alternatively, ask the agent to find the right buyer, for the right result; or find someone else that can actually honour a promise.

Consider the following question so we can take a good hard look at the human belief system and the five senses in real estate, I strongly urge you please think long and hard for your partners sake – for those of you that are married or in a serious relationship;

question – “Why did you end up with your partner?” Does that perfume on a romantic date trigger engaging memories perhaps?… They do say that ‘smell’ is the most ‘influential’ sense of them all. Are you feeling an extreme sense of joy and remembrance, blank minded perhaps? Do words serve as nothing other than an injustice to such a monumental occassion? 

Answer: You may or may not be suprised to find that you are… ummm… ‘literally lost for words?’ If so, that is perfectly normal. Love has nothing to do with the neocortex part of the brain (logic), it’s all part of the limbic brain (emotion). Reality being, you fell in love because it just ‘felt right’, I can assure you it wasn’t an analytic decision. That being said, are you in a contract with your agent because it ‘just felt right’ or were you misled into believing it just felt right?

Logic will always take a back seat to emotion when you are looking to buy ‘the home of your dreams,’ or sell the home that ‘created many fond memories’. Keep a close eye on the agents trying to pull the ’emotion’ bluff all in the name of ‘logic’ – the one’s that want to be your best friends for money and don’t want to know of you otherwise. There is no shame in asking for a second or third opinion, it simply is the right thing to do; the more knowledge, the better – look out for ‘guilt trips’. The key here, is to understand the two fundamental concepts of “the five senses” and “human behaviour”, know when you are being deceived and know when you are being nurtured.

Emotional understandings should only ever belong to those who have a special place in your heart, your loved ones, the ones that care; not those who have a vested interest in your finances …Oh and one more thing, if any of your senses were stimulated by thinking of an answer to my above question ‘Why did you end up with your partner?’, I’ll have you know that you just let a stranger (me) take control of your emotions; my question to you is, WHY? I hope this article can help make a difference for all the right reasons in your life.

… Mind your mind my fellow readers, it’s far more important and vulnerable than some of you are led to believe – ask for facts, not stories – YOU ARE THE SUBSTANCE OF ALL GREAT THINGS, don’t be the object of somebody else’s substance, especially when it’s your money being gambled. Take care my friends, stay safe!

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