August’2022 – Update from Landcom on Development of Cherrybrook Station Precinct


Written by: Angelo Lambropoulos (Director, Lambros Realty Pty Ltd)

On Monday 1st August at 1:00PM, I had a Zoom Meeting with four Landcom representatives to get a better understanding of the new proposal that has just been submitted for the Cherrybrook Station Precinct…

The four Landcom representatives were as follows: Adam Turnbull (Development Director); Samantha Mitchell (Development Manager); Rhana Flemming (Engagement Support); Georgia Keogh (Engagement Support). 

It’s important to note, that the NSW Department of Planning (DEP)  application is separate to that of Landcoms; however, both go hand-in-hand to help guide the development of the wider Cherrybrook precinct and inform future rezoning. The DEP’s plans for the greater Cherrybrook precint is as follows:

  • A green village with approx. 3,200 new homes. Buildings will be no higher than 5 storeys.
  • More than 2.3 hectares of new open space and protection of the Blue Gum High Forest, New streets will have at least 50% tree cover.
  • A new town centre based around the new metro station with about 390 new homes, a supermarket, cafes, a community facility, and open spaces (this is the Landcom specific proposal).
  • Most new homes in the precinct will be within 400m walk of 5 minutes’ walk of the metro station.
  • New pedestrian and cycling paths to make it easier to get around.

Please Note: I have provided the links to all of the technical reports toward the bottom of this blog, as well as a link to submit your feedback to the DEP should you wish to do so.

As I’m sure you are most probably already aware by now, Landcom has lodged a rezoning proposal for a new planning framework, which has been informed by a broad range of stakeholder and community feedback on the options for the precinct.

Landcom advised me, that the dominant feedback that they heard from stakeholders and community was as follows:

  • People valued the Blue Gum High Forest and the green, leafy look of Cherrybrook.
  • People wanted more cafes, restaurants and safe places for young people to meet, while others told Landcom they were happy to use the services at Epping and Castle Hill.
  • The provision of affordable housing for people such as teachers, nurses, disability and childcare workers, emergency workers, paramedics and police was a good idea.
  • People concerned about the impact on traffic congestion and parking.
  • People concerned about the capacity of schools in the area.
  • People opposed to building heights of up to eight storeys.

Angelo’s Question: How do you propose to keep housing affordable to combat supply and demand issues, AND what percentage of this proposal will be affordable housing?

Adam Turnbull responded: He clarified that Landcoms definition of affordable housing is ‘Affordable Rental Housing’ controlled by a Community Housing Provider (CHP), they are the ones that would control that aspect of it. There is a minimum requirement of 5% of the development for affordable housing.

Landcoms Rezoning Proposal includes:


R4 High Density Residential – 5 storey limit, decreased from original 8-storey proposal. This is also reflected in the future place strategy in which the NSW Dept of Planning has put out for exhibition as well.

B4 Mixed Use – nonresidential use such as cafes, community facilities and perhaps a small supermarket. The exact make-up of that will depend on the future developer. Landcom are making sure they are being flexible in their zoning to allow for those kinds of spaces.

RE1 Public Recreation – the Blue Gum Forest, you can never develop on that land.

Floor Space Ratio (FSR)

This has changed as well; it has been reduced. The ratio is now 1.25:1 (north of Bradfield Parade), AND 1:1 (south of Bradfield Parade) – this is the side closest to the powerlines, where the carpark is.


20.5m (on land zoned B4).

18.5m (on land zoned R4).

Existing height restrictions under current R2 zoning is 8.5m in case you were curious.

Other provisions

Min. 3,000sqm of public open space

Min 5% Affordable Housing.

Site-Specific Development Control Plan (Design Guide):

  • Building heights up to five storeys when viewed from Bradfield Parade.
  • Min 1,300 sqm GFA for community facility.
  • Sustainability targets (ie. Future planning, by being able to cater for the charging of electric vehicles, solar panel generation of electricity where possible and green star efficient ratings as touched on by Mr Adam Turnbull). This is essentially saying that this is the design that works, the developer must keep within these requirements. The design may not be exactly what’s produced in the future, but the main elements that we are looking to preserve and protect is all within that design guide.” – Adam Turnbull

Angelo’s Question: Are there any plans of putting the overhead power lines underground? Reason I ask, if there is going to be an apartment building built opposite the transmission tower, has there been any consideration given to just how difficult it would be to sell these apartments?

Adam Turnbull responded: Yes, that is something I’ve looked it. Ever since I saw the project I said, “let’s put them underground” – we did some investigations around 2016/17 about undergrounding them. Unfortunately, because of the ownership with most of the land under the lines being residential, the only way to underground them would be by taking the lines down Old Northern Rd and up Castle Hill Rd, and then still coming back out on the other side of Castle Hill Rd down toward West Pennant Hills, but the cost of that was insane. So basically, removing them is not an option. What we’ve done with that site being R4 and able to build up to the 5-storeys, is to keep the flexibility there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what is going to be developed on the site, the R4 is a very flexible zone that pretty much allows you to do any type of residential in there. We do acknowledge that the powerlines will likely have an impact on the future development of that site.

Landcoms Reference Scheme Includes:

  • Buildings up to five storeys when viewed from Bradfield parade and the opportunity for an additional lower ground storey of retail and community floor space.
  • Around 390 new homes.
  • 1,300m2 of community space.
  • 3,200m2 of retail space.
  • More than 1 hectare of public open space.

Angelo’s Question: Given your market research, how strong was the need for a Library in this particular location?

Adam Turnbull responded: The library and the community facility that we’re putting into this proposal is really to cater for the broader precinct redevelopment, it’s not just what’s required for our redevelopment. The demand that came back for that from the broader precinct was around 1,300m2, and that has also been identified by Hornsby Council in their contributions plan that they did a few years ago, there was the identification of 500sqm of library floor space requirement. The layout and break up of that may change, that is something for the future.

Angelo’s Question: What is being done to improve carparking facilities?

Adam Turnbull responded: There will be carparking available as part of residential and non-residential uses, there will be basement carparking, which is located underneath the powerlines as part of this proposal. This is also in line with the Hornsby DCP, and the carparking requirement for the commercial spaces (retail areas). There is no intention to increase the size of the commuter carpark.

Angelo’s Question: What portion of the apartments will be 3, 2 and 1 Bedroom?

Adam Turnbull responded: At the moment this is just the concept, this is just the guide for the rezoning heights and density. Our assumption on 375 homes would focus on more of a generic mix, we generally apply more of a broad assumption when we’re doing the dwelling types. Really what we’re focusing on is the amount of floor area that’s available on the site.

Samantha Mitchell added: From memory, I believe a rough guide was 20% three bedrooms, 20% one bedroom, and 60% two bedrooms. There is a minimum in the design control guide that requires a minimum of 10% for each dwelling type, but the actual break up of that will really depend on the future developer.

Adam Turnbull added: What we’ve found on the sites we have had on the line stretching from Epping to Tallawong, is that generally the developers that acquire these sites are doing slightly larger apartments, more three bedrooms because of the market demand, and that would likely be the same here. We (Landcom) might say 390 dwellings, it could end up being 320, or it could very well be 390.

Angelo’s Question: How will local schools cope with growing population? 

Adam Turnbull responded: The NSW Dept of Planning have more around the strategy of school’s infrastructure, as do the Department of Education. For us, we’re not expecting the 390 new homes to have a major impact, but that broader 3,200 will.

Angelo’s Question: When will this site go to tender?

Adam Turnbull responded: The intention of the rezoning is to finalise it this year, it’s a very high priority within Government to finalise because it’s been going on for a long time. Once all that is finalised the intention will be to go to market, when that is will depend on demand and when that works out for us as well, but it’s probably going to be at some time in 2023.

… And there you have it. That summarises my 40 minute Zoom Meeting with Landcom on Monday. I hope this has helped provide a little more clarity on the development for you.

On a closing note, I would like to thank the Landcom team for taking time out of their day to speak with me. It’s also encouraging to know that when the site is placed up for tender, they are quite selective with who acquires the site, as Mr. Turnbull advised it’s their reputation on the line if it goes to an irreputable developer.

How you can have your say:

Landcom’s rezoning application is on public exhibition until 11:59pm, 28 August 2022.

Links to technical reports:

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