Market Revives With Election Over

While the Federal Election announcements of new housing policies may impress home buyers, real estate agents don’t believe residential property prices will be impacted by what is on offer.

Industry experts says that, with the election now over, the market is back to a normal routine with plenty of potential buyers turning up to open houses and auctions.

Industry leader Dan White says real estate markets work on confidence and, with the uncertainty of the election out of the way, markets will return to normal.

“On the basis that there will be no more shocks, the market has settled down,” he says. “I see no reason for the outlook to change.”

Real estate identity John McGrath expects an increase in listing activity now the Federal Election is over.

Simon Pressley of Propertyology says the housing policies announced during the election were “boring” but that was not necessarily a bad thing. “Really, the more boring the better,” he says.