Rental Housing A Key To Affordability

Pressure on renters increased substantially in the past two years with new data showing a severe shortage in all forms of housing.

The Housing Industry Association’s Kristin Brookfield says although new home building activity has increased, there is still a shortage in private rental properties.

She says at a time when owner-occupied housing and rentals are under pressure it is essential to ensure an adequate supply of affordable rental housing.

“Affordable, subsidised rental housing gives people a safe place to live, and if possible the chance to save for a future where they can move along the housing continuum and into a home of their own,” she says.

The HIA would like to see practical solutions offered during the Federal Election campaign such as ensuring the existing rent assistance stays on par with inflation.

“This election provides an important opportunity to deliver secure housing for all. This will support Australia’s economic recovery and our future economic growth.”